The company

The beginning was in 1920 when our company was founded. In this great course there have been many changes over time. New technologies, innovative ideas, cutting edge formulations, better quality of life for the people who trust us. But much has remained the same.  Our company has always centered on people , we are dedicated  to top quality, we have a high sense of social responsibility to every Greek family. In the 90 years that have gone by and in the years to come  our higher purpose is for you to be well. This is not just a wish.  For Petsiavas s.a. this is our whole philosophy.

The Apaisyl product range we present here specializes in the treatment and care of the family and everyday problems .... Cold sores, lice, bruises, sunburn, mycosis….

In our site, Apaisyl.gr, you will discover our tips for proper and immediate treatment of skin conditions.